January is one of the quietest months of the gardening calendar. It's super hot, keeping us inside, or at least in the shade and we are all feeling a bit lazy and possibly cash-poor after the holiday season so January is a great time just to enjoy your garden and benefit from all the hard work of the past few months.

Now is the time to start ordering bare-root plants. Click on the links below to see our lists of trees. We can get most types of roses and grapes so just let us know what you are after and we will endeavour to get them for you.

Bareroot Fruit Trees

Bareroot Ornamental Trees

Bareroot Standard Ornamental Trees

With the summer heat, keeping water up to your garden can be a challenge but a thick layer of mulch will certainly help.

If you are feeling active, dead-heading spent flowers will keep you plants looking good for longer.

If you are looking for a cheap family activity, bring a picnic along to Cherry Lane Gardens and enjoy a relaxing time next to the cool, clear spring waters.

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