Aaah, finally the weather is getting cool and the trees are turning to the colours of sunset, gold and fire. Blankets come out of cupboards and ugg-boots are rescued from the back of the closet.

In the garden, this is a great time to look around you and decide which autumn hues you'd like to have in your garden, then pop into the nursery to choose them while they have their true colours on. Always remember that for many trees, especially seedling grown specimens, colours can vary so it's best to actually choose them in autumn so you can see exactly what you are getting.

You might also find some great bargains as we try to move out stock that will not look so great over winter. This is mostly cottage-style perennials like salvia, penstemon, buddleia, foxgloves, etc which die back through the winter months but promise lively colour in spring.

It's not too late to plant spring bulbs and there is a large range available at this time of year. Who doesn't love the bright heads of daffodils, narcissus and jonquils heralding the coming of spring?

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