Last chance for orders of bare-rooted trees and roses! If you don't pre-order, you will miss out on the discounts that apply when buying bare-rooted plants.

At this time of year our gardens are winding down. The last of the autumn leaves will fall, perennials brown off and flowers whither as nature prepares for the frosts and chills to come. It's time for gardeners to get out and tidy things up. Prune and shape plants to your heart's content. Clear out any lasting weeds and mulch heavily to keep things a bit warmer and tidier.

This time of year is a good opportunity to brighten up the garden with something man-made. Think about some coloured pots, a classic statue, a modern outdoor sculpture, a grand water feature. You will find a large range of items, great and small in the side section at Cherry Lane Nursery.

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