Of all the gardening months, September has to be my favourite. Buds start to appear on all the deciduous trees, we can finally cut back the frosted tips on all the shrubs and grasses, birds start to get their groove on and everything suddenly feels alive after the cold and beige winter.

My favourite plants at this time of the year are prunus species (flowering plums, peaches, cherries, etc) and magnolias. If you haven't seen the magnolia tree in the garden on the corner of Britannia and Railway Streets, please do a drive by this year!

For me, spring is a no-brainer in the garden. Come in to the nursery on a clear sunny day, browse through the fresh stock and then spend to your heart's content! The only major concern is to check the size of the plant when fully grown so that you can plant it in a space that will be large enough. There is nothing sadder than having to remove a healthy plant in a few years time because it was too large for its surrounds.

After you have watered and fed your new (and old) plants, remember to mulch them well so that they will cope with the hotter months to come.

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