What are bareroot trees?
One of the wonderful things about living in the coldest part of Queensland is that we can grow a great variety of deciduous fruit and ornamental trees.

In winter certain trees, shrubs and roses can be bought "bare rooted", meaning that they are dug and transported without any soil around their roots, making them cheaper and easier to fit in your car.

Over the years we have refined our list of bare rooted trees to those that handle the process well and that are readily sought after.

Other species may be available but we suggest that you contact our staff to learn more about these options.

For more information on deciduous trees or the process of bare rooting plants, you can take a look at Australia's premiere tree nursery websites, Fleming's Nurseries or JFT Nurseries

I order the majority of my roses through Treloar Roses. Click on this link to view their range. Please ask about any types of roses that are not in the Treloar range as I may be able to source them elsewhere.

Payment Terms

1.1 Any bare-root tree orders of 5 or more trees of one cultivar will receive a 10% discount. Loyalty card does not apply.
1.2 In order to receive the discount in clause 1.1 a deposit of 20% is required by April 30th.
1.3 The prices listed are subject to change at the discretion of Cherry Lane Nursery staff.
Limitation of Liability
2.1 Cherry Lane Nursery takes reasonable care to ensure that plants are correctly labeled.
2.2 Cherry Lane Nursery takes care to treat all trees in an appropriate manner however takes no responsibility for the life of that tree after collection.

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